About Scout

Scout is a provider of DIY home security systems and offers customizable, scalable smart home solutions for enterprise partners.

Our white label program was built in such a way that enables our partners to selectively choose which services their consumers need, to allow them to go to market quickly using our proven, robust security platform.

We work directly with our suppliers to stay ahead of the curve with regular cost-down exercises, and operate our services with efficiency in order to keep our operational costs low. We aim to extend these discounts to our partners to keep their solutions competitive with best-of-breed smart security solutions in the market.

Self-installed home security is our passion and we love helping our partners grow into it. In just a few short years, Scout’s platform has attracted massive brands across a wide spectrum of industries, both domestically and internationally.


Strong and proven infrastructure that will support your customers and keep their homes secure.

Scout takes a very collaborative approach to partnerships so our partners can leverage our years of experience in the DIY security space. We prefer to act as a long term strategic partner and an extension of your team rather than a supplier only focused on our specific deliverables. The long term success of your program is our ultimate goal, and we want to assist in continual process improvements, cost reduction strategies as volume scales, and long term project strategies.

Scout will assign a project manager dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. They will assist your team with all aspects of development, launch, sales and support, hold weekly calls to keep you informed of all project progress, and act as a liaison to ensure consistent collaboration between the Scout and your teams.


Customer trust and loyalty is vital for any business, but it is especially important in home security – your customers have to trust you to protect their home and loved ones at all times.

Scout understands that the only way to gain a customer’s trust is to provide a seamless, high quality experience from day one, and to maintain users’ trust with consistent quality improvements.

The Scout team prides itself on our ability to deliver exceptional quality for our partners. We extensively test our products and services to proactively prevent issues, and continuously monitor our systems to identify and resolve issues that may arise before they affect the customer experience. In the event an issue arises, our team is on call 24/7 and will resolve any issues in a time-efficient manner to maintain a consistently high service level.

  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Billing Solutions
  • Camera Solutions

Our Capabilities

Our current solutions are the result of seven plus years of architecting, operating, and managing our full-stack, vertically integrated home security and home automation platforms – sold under both direct-to-consumer brands and white label offerings.

Our in house engineering team built the Scout platform from the ground up, from the camera and connected device gateways, to the event and messaging systems used to power our APIs and third-party integrations, to our iOS and Android apps, all the way down to the firmware on our devices.

  • Leverage Scout’s cloud platform, products and infrastructure already in place
  • Flexible go-to-market programs
  • Your end-to-end development and support team